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Customer Stories
6 unique hotels, more than 400 rooms, terabytes of data flowing through the network on a monthly basis, and… an average score of 8.5 in the “Free WiFi” category on Booking.com. Whether you’re planning a large conference, a board meeting, or your wedding, Sinatur Hotel &a...

24 May 2024

The landscape of cybersecurity is shifting rapidly. To stay in the race and avoid dangerous hazards, it’s best to rely on a reliable squad of trusted partners. That is why Extreme Networks is teaming up with Prodata Systems and Kappa Data for one of the most important ev...

15 May 2024

Customer Stories
The key measure of efficiency of any local government body lies in its ability of “getting things done” – whether through the execution of public works projects or tending to the day-to-day affairs of citizens. Let’s see how the flexible, well-performing and easy-to-mana...

13 May 2024

Extreme Networks launched Extreme Labs: a dynamic ecosystem where creativity, collaboration and cutting-edge technology converge to fuel innovation of early-stage technologies. Extreme Labs is a premier venue for the company to showcase technology innovation as it become...

30 April 2024

Clinical and IT staffing shortages. Tight budgets constraining day-to-day operations. Cybersecurity threats impacting clinical productivity and draining precious funds. Running a healthcare organization these days is no child’s play. However, many typical challenges attr...

30 April 2024

Zorg & ict 2024, taking place from April 9 to 11 in Utrecht, Netherlands, provided a great stage to experience new and emerging technologies shaping the landscape of modern healthcare. Extreme Networks team, joined by the leading Partners in their respective fields, ...

17 April 2024

Extreme has been selected to deploy next-generation wireless and analytics solutions for Borussia Dortmund, one of the largest football clubs in Germany.

15 April 2024

Regional Partner News
Spending quality time together is always a sure way to build and maintain relationships in all circles of life, whether business or social. For that reason, we invited our top Partners in Czech Republic for a little get-together to talk about the state of the business, t...

12 April 2024

Customer Stories
ADRZ, a healthcare organization in the Netherlands, works tirelessly to maintain accessible, quality care throughout the region, where distances are large between populace areas. In an environment like this, seamless connectivity and network uptime, robust security, and ...

12 April 2024

Zorg & ICT 2024, taking place on April 9-11 in Utrecht, will be a perfect opportunity to show how Extreme supports modern hospitals and healthcare institutions on the road to the future of healthcare. Visitors to our booth will learn, among other things, how to suppo...

3 April 2024