How nice would it be if the wireless network of a healthcare organization contributed to the quality of life of its patients while ensuring safety for the employees at more than 100 locations? Aveleijn, a major care provider from the Twente region, has solved this puzzle...

24 March 2023

J.R.R. Tolkien used to say that “the greatest adventure is what lies ahead”. For many state and local government CIOs, that means venturing to the cloud to better support hybrid work environments, provide new digital services for citizens, and optimize operations. So the...

23 March 2023

When the generation X was growing up, the world changed every few years or even decades. These days it changes every few months and our rapidly changing cities are the best proof of that. Let’s see what kind of challenges does this digital transformation put on the gover...

16 March 2023

Building a retail chain has a lot in common with managing networks, in both cases the key to success lies in the steady and efficient flow of operations. Let’s see how the Extreme solutions delivered by Vernity have helped to streamline and improve processes in the offic...

15 March 2023

A modern stadium is much more than just a place for organizing sports events – in many cases, renting out conference rooms and exhibition spaces for different types of events is one of the most important revenue streams. To address the growing wireless connectivity issue...

9 March 2023

Partner News
A robust network of trusted allies that stand behind our vision of the Infinite Enterprise is one of the building blocks of Extreme’s business growth. But that’s only one side of the story. Today we’d like to give the floor to our Partners and Distributors themselves!

3 March 2023

Webinars for Customers
What if you could resolve issues before users even noticed them, using proactive, explainable insights? What if you were able to identify anomalies that – if not properly addressed in time – would otherwise cause an outage? Join our next session and learn how to better p...

1 March 2023

Webinars for Customers
If you want your network to be more friendly and accessible, you don’t have to play nice – all you need is a good network management solution. But what if the network did all the heavy lifting by itself? Join our next Sandbox session to learn everything about APIs!

27 February 2023

The principal goal of any manufacturing business is to produce profit – to that end, companies work tirelessly to optimize their processes, improve overall performance, and ensure continuous operation. One of the key enablers of that lies in the network. Let’s see how Ex...

24 February 2023

Network security is a complex topic. Organizations need not only consider the actual efficiency of stopping potential cyber-attacks, but also the actual cost of doing so. In this regards, Extreme Fabric Connect is the way to go and here’s why!

17 February 2023