Partner Zone
Birds of a feather flock together. But what about zebras? After four years at Extreme, Tomas Bergmann, our EMEA Channel Leader and Patrick Groot Nuelend, EMEA Solutions Architect, both ex-Zebra Technologies veterans, are having a hearty reunion. Hear them talk about movi...

4 June 2020

Extreme Heroes
When you work at a company named Marvel, you know you’re in for quite a ride. And when you partner up with Extreme, amazing things are bound to happen. Our next hero has seen it all – from Florida to Kamchatka. Let’s discuss working from home during Covid times, Russia’s...

1 June 2020

What's up?
As “stay-at-home” orders start to lift around the countries, organizations are now contemplating on how to find their way around the new situation. Feel like you’re in the woods? To help you adapt to the uneasy transition, Extreme Networks has launched a special #NewNorm...

28 May 2020

Partner Zone
In his seminal work, “The Art of War”, Sun Tzu, a Chinese military strategist, writer and philosopher from the 6th century BCE, notes that "Every battle is won or lost before it's ever fought". When preparing a design for a potential customer, resellers know all too well...

26 May 2020

New inventions and technologies have always driven the development of mankind. But the progress sometimes comes at a price – Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, could tell us a thing or two about it. Nowadays a lot of attention is given to the Internet of Things, bot...

26 May 2020

TechTalks 4.0 On Air
All good things come to an end. And alas, so does our TechTalks 4.0 online workshop series. But to go out on a high note, we’ve prepared something truly special – join the members of our Systems Engineering team for a hot live Q&A session!

26 May 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is being felt on a number of levels and the education sector is certainly not exempt from the current uncertainty. But what the education sector has always, inherently been looking up to, is the future. Join our webinar to learn how Ex...

21 May 2020

What's up?
You don't need wires to stay connected with your crowd. Enjoy a great performance wherever you are, even unplugged. Let’s R.O.C.K. with Extreme Network’s Rapid Outdoor Connectivity Kits!

15 May 2020

TechTalks 4.0 On Air
Every craftsman needs a trusty set of tools to get the job done – no doubts about that. And networks specialists are no different here! Don’t waste your time browsing for necessary resources blindly. You’ll nail it by joining our next TechTalks 4.0 On Air workshop!

11 May 2020

“That’s some catch, that catch-22” – utters, almost in admiration, captain John Yossarian, as he’s stuck in the middle of army bureaucracy. "It's the best there is", Doc Daneeka agrees. IT specialists around the world have their own catch-22 and that would be scheduled d...

8 May 2020