Meetup with PAM!
Being a people person is not enough to be a great Partner Account Manager. In order to be a great Partner Account Manager you need to be a good listener. Our today’s guest happens to exemplify both of these qualities. So let’s switch sides for a moment and hear what Arte...

10 August 2020

Rolling Stones taught us that you can’t always get what you want. Sadly, that applies to many physical events that we had in store for our customers and partners this year. But what Mick Jagger and Co probably did not tell you is that you can still attend our annual glob...

7 August 2020

Question: how do you ensure safety of patients and medical staff during these difficult times? Answer: you take example from Madrid and enhance your care service capabilities by utilizing available technology. From now on, Extreme Networks delivers secure access to virtu...

4 August 2020

NorwayC/O Regus, Haakon VII's gate 60161 Oslo,

27 July 2020

Meetup with PAM!
What makes a good channel manager? The constant curiosity about the business of your partners. And when you are curious, you are never afraid to ask questions. Just like our wonderful Partner Account Manager for Belgium and Luxembourg, Brigitte Chauveheid, who, this time...

22 July 2020

"Solaris will be an eternal challenge to the man," wrote Stanisław Lem, an outstanding Polish science-fiction author, futurologist and philosopher. He would probably be pleased that the National Synchrotron Radiation Centre in Cracow, the city to which he was related for...

17 July 2020

What's up?
Overcoming challenges has always been humanity’s specialty – you could probably say it’s in our DNA. But how to adapt to the rapidly changing environment of “New Normal”? Join our upcoming, interactive sessions and evolve your organization!

14 July 2020

Meet our HEROES
Network security is a serious business – literally and figuratively. But when all is said and done, everything’s safe and secure, you can find a moment to meet new, like-minded people who just so happen to share the same passion for technology as you. He may not feel lik...

13 July 2020

Meetup with PAM!
Being a Partner Account Manager means that you have to go extra mile to secure success for both your company and your partner. And our today’s guest is certainly willing to fight for every inch of that road. Today we’re discussing business & life lessons with Jasper ...

10 July 2020

Webinars for Partners
It's always good to be in good company. So why not stick together with Extreme Networks, the company that will help your networking business navigate through the times marked equally by opportunities and challenges? Join our webinar to see where this exciting road can ta...

10 July 2020