Perhaps you’re already familiar with Extreme AirDefense – our comprehensive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System . But have you seen what is it capable of now?

22 October 2020

Partner News
When the times are tough, a good partner is all you need. And when you have such a great channel community as we do, it simply calls for a celebration. Let’s relive the Extreme 2020 Virtual Partner Conference!

22 October 2020

Webinars for Partners
Our Channel Managers have something they want to tell you...

14 October 2020

In this fast-paced world there is little time for sentiment. To gear up for the challenges of today’s business, manufacturing plants require ready-to-go solutions that can not only streamline the operation of tens of thousands elements within the network but also provide...

13 October 2020

Webinars for Customers
The path to digital transformation can be bumpy, as modern manufacturing enterprises need solutions that facilitate their advancement and, at the same time, protect their operations. Sounds like a job for Autobots cloud-driven networking – learn more about its capabiliti...

12 October 2020

Webinars for Customers
The cloud isn’t just about network management, just as the Internet isn’t all about sending emails. Yes, those are key functions of both, but there is so much more. Join our free webinar and see how easily you can advance your IT and business operations with cloud!

9 October 2020

Partner News
As The Smiths sang in their smash hit song, we’d like to take you, our dear Partners and Distributors, out – “where there’s music, and there’s people, and they’re young and alive”. But we also want you to be safe. So this time around, let’s all meet at the 2020 Virtual P...

8 October 2020

Webinars for Customers
Treating time as one of the most precious resources has become one of the basic tenets of today’s business. But what if the sand ran through the hourglass backwards, giving you more time instead of spending it? Join our Wireless Wednesday online session to receive a free...

23 September 2020

In today's world, 24 hours doesn’t seem to be enough to accomplish everything on the list. But as it turns out, it is enough for Extreme to fully advance 28 of its locations worldwide to cloud-managed networking!

21 September 2020

What's up?
They say seeing is believing. But why just watch when you can take part in the action? Experience the latest in networking technology with practical “how-to” workshops & demos and discover the jam-packed entertainment line-up of Extreme Connect Virtual 2020!

14 September 2020