Dreaming about starting a career in networking? Or maybe wish to take your professional skills to the next level? Either way, we’ve got something right up your alley – Extreme Academy Live is coming back and packs an educational punch. Oh, and the best part? It’s 100% fr...

2 August 2021

What network professionals and enterprises can learn from the animal kingdom? Well, for example the patience of an owl importance of role-based access and advanced communication mechanisms of a bee hive. Let’s see how to make our lives as sweet as honey with Private Clie...

27 July 2021

If you want to lead your people to success, you need to be a good judge of character. Or simply… a judge, just like Tor Kristjan Heiberg, our Country Manager for Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Join us for a little tête-à-tête with one of the most colorful characters in the ...

23 July 2021

If there’s one thing the recent Netflix hit “I Care a Lot” starring Rosamund Pike has taught us, it’s the importance of IT security in a healthcare facility. A good network solution can achieve that and much more: higher operating efficiency and reliable connectivity. An...

21 July 2021

Whenever the NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo was on court, opponents had hard time breaking through the defenses. Can you say the same about your network? Learn how to secure all devices on your network with a playbook from David Coleman – a true MVP in the world of Wi-Fi!

20 July 2021

We know there are quite a few of things to consider before moving to cloud-managed networks. Feeling like Neo right before getting out of the Matrix? All we’re offering is the truth. Make an informed choice with our free Cloud-Driven Networking Buyer's Guide!

15 July 2021

Life is seemingly full of some eternal dilemmas like “how to eat the cake and have it, too?” or “how to extend cloud management to third party and non-cloud native devices?”. Unfortunately, we can't help with the former, but we can help with the latter. Meet ExtremeCloud...

12 July 2021

If you know Extreme Networks, you may have noticed we have a thing for cloud. And if you’re not very familiar with the concept of cloud networking just yet, don’t you worry. Learn your fundamentals with our free ‘Cloud Managed Networking For Dummies’ e-book!

9 July 2021

The Public Center for Social Welfare ‘Ten Hove’ in the Belgian municipality of Mol needed a fitting upgrade to its obsolete network switches, feasible both technically and economically. An impossible combination? Not with the ExtremeSwitching offering and Cipal Schaubroe...

7 July 2021

It’s 101% official: we are taking the cloud networking business by the storm. The latest report by the market research firm 650 Group confirms that Extreme is a true cloud networking leader!

5 July 2021