We did it. Our industry-leading fabric capabilities are now integrated into the ExtremeCloud SD-WAN platform, enabling you to lower fabric deployment time in by more than 90%, boost network security and application performance, and improve visibility and control over you...

14 February 2023

Webinars for Customers
What does it take for the network to enable 70,000 people in a stadium to enter it in a short period of time, with a high amount of data throughput without any issues? Join our next Extreme Live Demo and hear it from the top player in the game!

13 February 2023

Webinars for Customers
Looking for ways to drive more IT efficiencies and cost savings for your school, medical center, office space or manufacturing plant? Join our upcoming Extreme Live Demo session and take a cloud managed network for a spin!

3 February 2023

Partner News
If our fiscal year was a marathon, the turn of 2022 and 2023 would be its halfway mark. Reaching the middle checkpoint was a good moment to catch a breath, charge the batteries and make sure that we’re all making good progress. Take a look behind the scenes of the recent...

1 February 2023

Partner News
They say “no pain, no gain”, but when you’re running a business in the networking industry, it doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with strong partners who will take some of the weight off your shoulders. Meet our Virtual Sales Account Managers – the people who help you gr...

30 January 2023

Getting all the necessary ingredients and putting them in the pot doesn’t make them stew just yet – you have to crank up the heat and stir everything up to bring out all the different flavors. We followed the exact same recipe with this year’s regional meeting of the Nor...

25 January 2023

Are we really redundant? And what happens if… something happens? These are the kinds of questions that keep many network engineers up at night. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, but how to achieve a high level of redundancy in a safe and cost-effective way, espec...

22 January 2023

Webinars for Customers
As an IT engineer, you probably need granular control over users and IoT devices, as well as consistent policies across the entire network. Sounds like a lot of work? Not if you join our next Extreme Networks Sandbox session! 

16 January 2023

Limiting how much of the network is visible, and hardened that which is, goes a long way to reducing the opportunities presented to cyber-attackers. Let’s see how Extreme Fabric Connect handles that!

13 January 2023

In the age of fake news and social media, accuracy and speed are fundamental to modern journalism. Although Economia, one of the leading publishing houses in the Czech Republic, has always excelled in the former, its wireless network began to struggle with the latter. To...

10 January 2023