• Engineering is in my blood
  • [WEBINAR] Some traditions are meant to be broken
  • I want to break free!
Engineering is in my blood
[WEBINAR] Some traditions are meant to be broken
I want to break free!
Engineering is in my blood

What happens when you mix the southern passion for people with the collected mind of an engineer *and* a businesswoman? Let’s talk about the past, present and future with Evgeniya Ramires, the CEO of IPS ID and our new Extreme Champion!
[WEBINAR] Some traditions are meant to be broken

Traditions are beautiful, but they don't work well in IT. Is complex and outdated network impacting your organization's day-to-day operations? Time to discover Fabric Connect!
I want to break free!

Have you ever felt technologically locked in by the choice of your old networking equipment? Time to break the chains. Mother of dragons Extreme’s Universal Platforms are here!
Networking challenges? Think outside the box!

Today’s world is complex, and so are our IT infrastructures. But as the old saying goes, one should work smart, not hard. Wish to add more intelligence to your networks? Extreme Live Demo is back and brings you some new surprises!
Fabric Connect – a new way of networking

With today’s challenges, traditional networking simply… isn’t working. Do you feel like your current solution is holding you back? It’s about time that you learned all about the amazing capabilities of Extreme Fabric Connect!
GLR + Extreme = creativity meets technology

When we go to the movies to watch the new Disney’s blockbuster or enjoy some neatly edited Taylor Swift’s music videos on YouTube, we tend to focus on the stars. But perhaps the real heroes are the supporting talents – graphic artists, operators, sound engineers etc. Thi...
What is Infinite Enterprise?

For 2,500 years, from the Greek agoras to today’s cities, schools, hospitals and offices, our society revolved around centers. But the world is changing, and so is networking. Welcome to the age of Infinite Enterprise!
Great Wi-Fi for a Great Cause

What is better than deploying almost 20 Wi-Fi access points in one hour, allowing effortless cloud management and resilient, secure connectivity? Doing so to enable the administration of more than 2200 COVID-19 vaccines in a single day!
Innovation is in our fabric. An interview with Henk Bretveld

Aristotle once said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”. For our today’s guest, that habit would be leading the sales of Extreme Networks in one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. Let’s hear how it’s done from Henk Bret...
Auto Ports, roll out!

Who wouldn’t want an end-to-end automated infrastructure? Dive into the new automation features designed to deliver true zero-touch deployment of the Fabric Connect/Fabric Attach infrastructure and learn how to extend Fabric right to the edge wiring closet!

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