• How to navigate through the multiverse of Extreme Connect 2022?
  • With great power… comes great responsibility
  • Taking care of those who take care of us
How to navigate through the multiverse of Extreme Connect 2022?
With great power… comes great responsibility
Taking care of those who take care of us
How to navigate through the multiverse of Extreme Connect 2022?

Extreme Connect 2022 is coming up fast and it’s going to be a blast. Haven’t planned your agenda yet? Here are the top 5 breakout sessions you don’t want to miss!
With great power… comes great responsibility

The intricate web of access points and switches that constitute our networks may be beautiful, but it doesn’t run on thin air. How to manage power responsibly, especially considering the advent of new, advanced Wi-Fi 6E access points? We may have an advice or two for you...
Taking care of those who take care of us

Supporting local communities is always worth the effort, even more so when we’re able to help medical organizations that save people’s lives. Let’ take a look at how Extreme solutions are supporting the community health care center “Dobrzyńska”!
Advanced persistent threats are a waiting game, so play your cards right!

The attackers using advanced persistent threats, just like seasoned poker players, play their cards close to their chests so when they make a move, you may want to have an ace up your sleeve. Let’s see how APTs operate and how you can limit their impact on our enterprise...
Plan for today, prepare for tomorrow

Expanding business, whether through organic growth or mergers and acquisitions, is great for generating revenue, but maybe not so much for keeping the consistency of your network infrastructure. The story of MSK Group proves that having a sound modernization plan – and s...
Five reasons why SD-WAN makes the life of network administrators better

As businesses and organizations accelerate towards cloud-based environments, SD-WAN technology seems to be a key enabler of that move. And not without good reason, or better yet, five reasons!
It’s time to Connect again!

Extreme Connect, our biggest global conference for end-users and technical partners is coming back and it’s LIVE! Join us on June 6-9 in Nashville, Tennessee or for the one-day virtual event. Whatever you choose, be ready to learn, connect, explore and have FUN!
Networking is a game of cooperation

Online games and networking business have a lot more in common, than just latencies and pings. Today we talk about the value of teamwork with Joakim Löfman, Network and Security Consultant at NetNordic Sweden and our awesome Extreme Hero!
Extreme Fabric Connect: making the life of service providers easier

If you’re a modern service provider you’re probably wondering: how to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving, technologically shifting industry? Answer: it’s about the network. Take a look at some key fabric technologies for your data centers!
Let’s connect beyond the network!

Feeling tired with the omnipresent digital noise? Overwhelmed with too many channels and information feeds? Discover our new E360 mobile app: all you need to succeed as our Partner, conveniently in one place!

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