• What’s going on in your head, Mr. Robot?
  • Why should your healthcare organization consider Wi-Fi 6E?
  • Why (and when) should you upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E?
What’s going on in your head, Mr. Robot?
Why should your healthcare organization consider Wi-Fi 6E?
Why (and when) should you upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E?
What’s going on in your head, Mr. Robot?

Arthur C. Clarke, one of the founding fathers of modern science fiction, once said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Though AI seems less mystical today than it did in the sixties, we don’t always understand how it arrives at specif...
Why should your healthcare organization consider Wi-Fi 6E?

Problems with wireless connectivity in big healthcare environments weren’t an uncommon sight, and we didn’t even need the pandemic to realize it. However, Wi-Fi 6E seems like a miraculous cure for some of the critical pain points of IT healthcare professionals. Let’s exa...
Why (and when) should you upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E?

Wi-Fi 6E has definitely been in the spotlight over the past couple of months. But does the technology live up to the hype? How and when can your organization actually benefit from it? Let’s take a closer look!
What will 2022 bring to the networking game?

Another year, another exciting time for the industry. What trends will likely impact the way we design, build and use IT networks in the era of Infinite Enterprise? We asked some of the top minds at Extreme for their tech predictions for 2022!
Extreme momentum? Make it squared!

Traditionally, the end of the year is a time of reflection and celebration. Today we’ll do both. Here are four good reasons why Extreme enthusiasts should be even more excited about the future!
'Tis the Season!

May you never run out of connectivity,May your Wi-Fi always be strong,Wishing you peace, love and prosperity,Wherever you are – all year long!
You can count on our Trusted Delivery!

Wish to eliminate unnecessary network downtime and create an additional layer of certainty when deploying new infrastructure? Extreme got you covered – you can count on our Trusted Delivery!
A new way of educating, a new way of networking

Question: how to efficiently and securely connect your students, lecturers and staff, especially now, during the pandemic? Answer: You do it like Kibbutzim College – one of the largest and most innovative education hubs in Israel, which leveraged Extreme solutions to pro...
It’s more fun when you don’t plan it

What would happen if you mixed a big smile, warm personality and an extensive technical knowledge? You’d meet Yuriy Yershov, Head of Engineering at CompTek and one of our esteemed Extreme Heroes in Russia!
Four points to consider when comparing 5G & Wi-Fi

It’s impossible to avoid comparing cellular with Wi-Fi and discussing their complicated relation, especially in the advent of 5G and Wi-Fi 6. Check out these four points worth considering before joining the discussion about enterprise wireless connectivity.

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