Webinars for Customers
What if you could manage your wired and wireless network edge to the data center and across multivendor devices, end-to-end, while decreasing time-to-service with powerful fabric provisioning? In our Sandbox, there are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ – only ‘dos’!

26 November 2022

Meet our HEROES
If you find yourself strolling around one of the many beautiful cities of Belgium, there’s a good chance our guest today has had something to do with its public Wi-Fi. Meet Tom Pirlet, IT Team Manager at Citymesh and our amazing Extreme Hero! 

25 November 2022

Only three things in life are certain: birth, death, and change. In the 3rd entry of our mini-series we will show you how Extreme Fabric Connect allows you and your network to be more responsive to the organization’s constantly evolving needs!

24 November 2022

Meetup with PAM!
With her guidance and support, Extreme Partners are bound to succeed, and as ABBA sang: “The Winner Takes it All”. Say hello to Charlotte Thudén – our Partner Account Manager for Norway, Sweden and Denmark!

18 November 2022

The era of digital transformation requires IT networks to power organizational change, rather than hindering it. In the 2nd entry of our mini-series we’re looking at how Extreme Fabric Connect makes your network infrastructure more scalable!

16 November 2022

IT professionals of today are like superheroes who use their powers to manage enterprise networks remotely. But every superhero needs a trusty sidekick… Take a quick look at the 7 key functionalities of ExtremeCloud IQ Companion – a mobile app that enhances your cloud ma...

14 November 2022

Wi-Fi 5 / 6 / 6E / 802.11an / 802.11ax… Ever wondered what all that technical jargon actually means? Let's take a quick look at the latest generation of Wi-Fi and why it's perfect for your organization!

14 November 2022

Webinars for Customers
Your technical mind always wants to experiment and expand its knowledge, but the dull webinars won’t cut it for you anymore? Good, because the Extreme Networks Sandbox is all about playing with technology just the way you want!

14 November 2022

As a network professional, you probably have a lot to keep up with. But what if everyday challenges like troubleshooting or deploying servers were much easier? See how Extreme Fabric Connect can help you fight network complexities by design!

7 November 2022

Digital transformation in Healthcare means that medical organizations require reliable networking solutions that enhance patient care, drive IT automation, minimize security risk, and reduce costs – without sacrificing one for another. In that respect, Extreme Networks t...

31 October 2022