Working with IT networks could be considered an art, rather than an actual field of expertise or subject taught in a technical school – just ask any network administrator! Complicated setups, high risk of running into costly mistakes, delicate configurations… it all requ...

23 January 2020

We’re kicking 2020 off with a bang, as the upcoming Super Bowl, the 50th modern-era National Football League (NFL) championship game, will decide the champion for the National Football League's 100th season. When the stakes are high and emotions soar through the sky, Ext...

21 January 2020

What's up?
We simply can’t get enough of Wi-Fi 6. To such extent, in fact, that Wi-Fi Alliance® is officially introducing Wi-Fi 6E – a new terminology to distinguish forthcoming Wi-Fi 6 devices capable of 6 GHz operation, an important portion of unlicensed spectrum that may soon be...

17 January 2020

What's up?
Extreme simplifies retail networks with turn-key, cloud technology packages that give retail chains and franchises ability to quickly and easily automate set-up and management of network connectivity from one to thousands of sites. Go ahead and try on our IT solutions – ...

15 January 2020

What's up?
The networking industry is all about making connections - between devices, between distant locations, and, most importantly, between people.

20 December 2019

The first academic year at Extreme’s Network Design University nears its end. But before we leave for the winter break, let’s sum up what we’ve learned about designing smart, scalable, secure and simple, customer driven network. Register to the last webinar which will ta...

20 December 2019

Ekol’s business model is bolstered by technological inspiration which blends mind, heart and consciousness while constantly offering integrated, interconnected and innovative solutions to the customers. With Extreme sharing a similar vision, it became clear that the dist...

18 December 2019

Crime story aficionados are often hung up on one simple question: „who did it?”. And sometimes their gut is right as they’re able to identify the killer halfway or even at the very beginning of the story. However, problems with computer networks usually prove a tougher n...

16 December 2019

What's up?
Extreme solutions for data center networking, recently recognized as a 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice, deliver new, top-of-the-line capabilities to augment enterprise IT teams and reduce human error!

9 December 2019

What's up?
Extreme Solutions Receive High Ratings in Education Vertical; Practitioners Across Industries Highlight Extreme’s Customer Centricity, Mature Portfolio, and Ease of Use in Reviews.

4 December 2019