Webinars for Customers
One of the top concerns of customers willing to deploy applications and store data in the cloud is security. Wish to simplify the protection, monitoring and compliance of your Wireless LAN networks and wired IoT devices? Don't miss this webinar!

22 April 2021

We all know Black Mirror, a dystopian sci-fi series examining the impact of new technologies on modern society. Though life is not about looking at things through rose-tinted glasses, the world could use some purple energy. That’s why the Office of CTO is inviting you to...

15 April 2021

Partner News
One of the best parts of doing business is the people we meet and the places we go. So what do you do when traveling and gathering is limited? You register to NEE Partner Circle 2021, show us around your favorite places and win some cool prizes!

13 April 2021

Partner News
Whether you’re choosing a film for date night, a restaurant for your anniversary dinner or an IT vendor to partner with, it’s wise to seek opinion from independent and trusted sources. And if you check the CRN 2021 Partner Program Guide, you’ll notice that Extreme Partne...

6 April 2021

Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. Won't say a hero, 'cause, what's a hero? Won’t say a hero, because… he’s a Champion! And that’s Ludo Saas from Damovo, our Extreme Dude in Luxembourg!

6 April 2021

Webinars for Customers
Modern businesses and organizations demand agility, scalable and resilient connectivity, and inherent network security – but without the complexity of traditional networking. Seems like a mission impossible? Not for us. Join our webinar and see Extreme Fabric Connect in ...

1 April 2021

Partner News
Today’s world is tough for everyone but it keeps spinning around, mainly thanks to you – our wonderful Extreme Partners. And that calls for a celebration – let’s meet on April 22 at the NEE Partner Circle 2021!

30 March 2021

The freshman year at the Extreme Academy was nothing short of amazing. Now that we’ve covered network fundamentals, it’s time to move to some more advanced curriculum on wireless networks. Students, gather round. The sophomore year is here!

26 March 2021

What's up?
In the wild wild west of cyber-attacks, ‘security is everybody’s job’. Wish to know how to better protect your network from the multitudes of cyber-nasties trying to get in? Join our experts on March 31 and April 1 at the Info Security EXPO!

25 March 2021

Meet our HEROES
It's important to find reasons to smile during the difficult times of pandemic. Having worked with the biggest festival in the Netherlands, our today’s guest knows a thing or two about staying positive and bringing joy to others. Meet our next Extreme Hero, Kees Brouwer ...

23 March 2021