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Today, on the Extreme Connect mainstage, CTO & CPO Nabil Bukhari unveiled the industry's first cloud continuum for networking, new universal switches, and the most power-efficient indoor Wi-Fi 6E access point on the market. Not bad for one day, huh? Let’s dive into d...

9 May 2023

At the end of the day, when it comes to enterprise networks, everyone’s after pretty much the same things: seamless connectivity, simplicity, flexibility, scalability, security. In this series we will explain step by step the fundamentals and most important capabilities ...

27 April 2023

As our cities grow bigger and more crowded, the need for simpler, faster, more convenient, and more secure transportation is only increasing. The network is the key resource enabling this, but the growing complexity of the IT environment can put a spanner in the works, k...

21 April 2023

Customer Stories
What do hotels and Wi-Fi networks have in common? Both are operating on certain standards and both can be rated by customers based on their experiences. Let’s see how well is the new Extreme networking solution for the luxury Saltic Resort & SPA in Poland, designed a...

11 April 2023

Regional Partner News
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn”. In the spirit of keeping you in the loop with everything that’s going on in the Extreme world – let’s sum the NEE Partner Circle 2023!

3 April 2023

In today’s era of digital transformation, businesses in the retail, transportation and logistics sector are under continuous pressure to optimize their operations, both in terms of productivity and cost-efficiency. Let’s take a look at the ongoing challenges the industry...

30 March 2023

Customer Stories
How nice would it be if the wireless network of a healthcare organization contributed to the quality of life of its patients while ensuring safety for the employees at more than 100 locations? Aveleijn, a major care provider from the Twente region, has solved this puzzle...

24 March 2023

J.R.R. Tolkien used to say that “the greatest adventure is what lies ahead”. For many state and local government CIOs, that means venturing to the cloud to better support hybrid work environments, provide new digital services for citizens, and optimize operations. So the...

23 March 2023

When the generation X was growing up, the world changed every few years or even decades. These days it changes every few months and our rapidly changing cities are the best proof of that. Let’s see what kind of challenges does this digital transformation put on the gover...

16 March 2023

Customer Stories
Building a retail chain has a lot in common with managing networks, in both cases the key to success lies in the steady and efficient flow of operations. Let’s see how the Extreme solutions delivered by Vernity have helped to streamline and improve processes in the offic...

15 March 2023