Meet our HEROES
Whether you’re at a music festival, football game or production floor, a well working network can bring a smile on your face – even if you don’t realize it. Meet the man behind the Wi-Fi: Dennis Wols from Indicium B.V., our amazing Extreme Hero and a walking mix of energ...

5 August 2022

The number of problems that can occur in a network is countless. In a moment like that, who wouldn’t want a trusty fixer by their side to come and save the day, just like Mr. Wolf got Vincent and Jules out of a jam in ‘Pulp Fiction’? You can rest easy now – ExtremeCloud ...

25 July 2022

As cloud applications and smart IoT devices are becoming a vital part of today's working environment, SD-WAN appears to have answers to some of the major pain points of IT administrators. However, among its many unquestionable advantages, Software-Defined Wide Area Netwo...

22 July 2022

Sea ports have always been at the forefront of technological advancement. Ashdod Port, the most important port of Israel and the beating heart of the startup nation’s economy, is no different – in part thanks to the cutting-edge Extreme solutions!

20 July 2022

Some people eat, pray and love, while others simply prefer to do things their own way. And when you’re serving Sweden's tastiest burgers and expanding your restaurant chain “like a Bastard”, your connectivity needs require taking matters… to the Extreme. See how, togethe...

13 July 2022

Meet our HEROES
For our guest today the sky is literally the limit – both in his professional life, where he provides customers with tailor made networking solutions, and after hours, when he’s preparing to get his private pilot license. Meet Thijs Vandecasteele, Senior Consultant at Or...

8 July 2022

Festival headliners may be the ones to sell the tickets, but everyone knows no music concert can do without a decent support. So let’s take a peek at the backstage of the last edition of Zwarte Cross festival before the pandemic and the capabilities of the networking inf...

6 July 2022

The city of Breda in the Netherlands aims to be a frontrunner in digital government in order to transform the way it interacts with its residents and business. At the center of this vision lies high quality connectivity based on Extreme’s modern wired and wireless networ...

15 June 2022

Meet our HEROES
Tango and Cash, Starsky and Hutch, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid… The world has seen its fair share of dynamic duos, but nothing in the likes of our guests today. Without further ado, let’s hear it for Märt Pais and Marten Mattisen, our amazing Extreme Heroes from T...

10 June 2022

Imagine being able to see every asset connected to your network. Imagine putting tools in everyone’s hand so they can work smarter. Imagine the peace of mind knowing you’re proactive about the issue before it becomes a crisis. That’s the kind of control your Infinite Ent...

8 June 2022