Meet our HEROES
Our today’s guest’s story proves that hard work and constant self-development pays off tenfold. He’s a seasoned Extreme Hero who knows the value of technical excellence and great business relations. Without further ado, please welcome Rien van Maurik, EMEA Network Soluti...

15 March 2021

Meet our HEROES
You don’t see a married couple working at the same company every day, let alone joining the Extreme Hero program. Our today’s guests are a living proof that with love, dedication and hard work, you can climb the highest of mountains. Hear the story of Quree Bajracharya a...

11 March 2021

Webinars for Customers
Ever wondered how would the story of Robert Zemeckis’ survival epic ‘Cast Away’ unfold if it was set today, over 20 years later? Would modern technology be able to come to the unfortunate FedEx employee’s rescue sooner? Let’s discuss today’s challenges and opportunities ...

5 March 2021

Partner News
Whether you’re wrestling in front of 30,000 screaming fans or tag-teaming on your office tasks, it’s always with a firm shoulder to rely on. So let’s get ready to rumble as our awesome Channel Team gets some powerful reinforcements. Meet the VSAMs: VVrestling Virtual Sal...

3 March 2021

TechTalks 5.0
Almost 1,300 registered IT specialists. Close to 700 active participants. TechTalks 5.0 goes down in history as the most epic edition of our annual technical conference. Missed it? Wish to relive it? Here’s your chance – the entire event is now available on demand!

2 March 2021

Brussels. The seat of EU. A hub of innovation, creativity and openness. Home to Université libre de Bruxelles – one of the most forward-thinking educational institutions in Europe. But what can you do when the potential of your students is being hampered by an outdated a...

25 February 2021

About the programs
What makes a great salesperson truly great? We think it’s the ability to provide value and to do everything you can to help your customers win. So let’s get straight down to business – here at Extreme Networks we want you to be our Extreme Champion!

23 February 2021

About the programs
An inseparable part of being a tech whizz is this constant itch of being able to see more, know more, do more. Sounds like superpowers? That may be the case, as here at Extreme Networks we treat the technical engineers of our Partners like true Heroes!

23 February 2021

There's an old baseball saying that goes, “If you hit, you don't sit”. So, less than two weeks after powering the Super Bowl game, it’s time for another home run. We are proud to announce that Extreme Networks has been named the Official Wi-Fi Solutions Provider of Major...

17 February 2021

TechTalks 5.0
When you’re an ISP, you understand the meaning of reliability, availability and service quality all too well. That is why the last technical session of the upcoming TechTalks 5.0 will be focused on automation and integration capabilities as the key advantage of Fabric-en...

3 February 2021