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One of the many great things about Shortest Path Bridging is how well it supports multicast traffic in the network. In fact, multicast is fundamental to the operation of the technology itself! Let’s see how it works in more detail!

1 August 2023

From among more than 250 applicants, CRN staff has recently evaluated and selected products spanning the IT industry that are offering ground-breaking functionalities and value for customers. Extreme AP5050, the industry’s first Wi-Fi 6E access point for high-density out...

31 July 2023

The conversation about excessive stress, exhaustion and a broken work-life balance in IT has been going on for a while now, and networking professionals are not free from the curse. How big is the actual problem? What causes it, what are its possible outcomes, and, most ...

19 July 2023

Wireless connectivity is everywhere. You can find it in the office, factory floors, stores, coffee shops, and yes, hospitals too. With the influx of new, smart, Wi-Fi enabled or networked medical devices, more and more organizations are experiencing growing difficulties ...

14 July 2023

One of the great things about Shortest Path Bridging is how easy it is to combine virtual layer 2 and layer 3 networks to build and deliver any service we may want or need. Let’s see how it’s done!

7 July 2023

You and your IT Ops team obviously know how to handle all of the tasks at hand, but… do you really need to be doing all of them? Wouldn’t it be nice to work smarter, not harder for a change? That’s where a good ML/AI solution can make all the difference – let’s see how m...

3 July 2023

Ignite Rewards Partner Communities
Meet Nikola Knežević, CEO of NES Communications doo Beograd and Novozen Technologies, Extreme’s Champion of the Quarter!

30 June 2023

Meet the Channel Team
Business is a game, and as with all games, teaming up with people who can think both strategically and creatively can take you far. And our new Partner Account Manager for The Netherlands surely knows how to play… Meet Alexander Meulema!

29 June 2023

Operational costs and risks behind investments are top of mind for many IT leaders and senior management. Are you looking for ways to improve cost control, avoidance, or reduction? A well-matched SD-WAN solution may be just what you need, but… how does it actually work a...

29 June 2023

So far, we have mostly talked about things that are based on the open IEEE 802.1Q standard which only defines virtual layer 2 networks. However, almost every network also needs routing, and routing operates at layer 3, where packets are sent to a specific next-hop IP add...

21 June 2023