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The best conversations are over a cup of delicious hot coffee. So give yourself a jolt of positive energy and let’s go together through some ideas on how to drive your marketing efforts!

26 October 2022

In theory, when you’re in a wormhole, you don’t go faster than light – you’re just choosing a more efficient route by taking a shortcut through the space. Now, we’re not exactly sure if wormholes actually exist, but we have the next best thing: learn why your network nee...

25 October 2022

For our guest today, working business magic comes as naturally as it is for the Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Dončić to move on the basketball court. Meet Peter Pavšič, the Director of Sales at Smart Com and an amazing Extreme Champion from Slovenia!

20 October 2022

If you think about supply chains, workflows, and delivery cycles, many modern companies can be compared to a relay race – if one teammate drops the baton, the entire organization can fall behind. Considering the pace of digital transformation, a reliable network is cruci...

14 October 2022

Webinars for Customers
When an aging network infrastructure impacts daily operations at a hospital, patience can run thin. Luckily, treating this issue doesn't have to be a headache. Join our webinar and learn how to support your digital connectivity programs much easier and more efficient!

13 October 2022

Extreme’s Wi-Fi solution to create a backbone of connectivity for new services and engaging fan Experiences

12 October 2022

In case of public operator networks, every network failure can pose danger to both the city and its citizens. See how the new solution provided by Integrale IT and Extreme Networks ensures reliable communication between key systems and devices, making life easier in the ...

3 October 2022

Webinars for Customers
What if you could easily predict and prevent issues rather than chasing them? What if the network actively supported your operations, instead of hindering them? Life is too short to waste in on tiresome network management tasks – learn how to make it easier with our new ...

16 September 2022

Meet our HEROES
If the only source of knowledge is experience, as Albert Einstein put it, then this interview can probably save you a year or two! The wisdom, modesty, and kindness – these qualities of a true Extreme Hero best describe Peter Lindblom from Telia Finland, our guest today!...

16 September 2022

Whether you’re listening to the ABBA’s greatest hits or using Wi-Fi connectivity, you always expect a stellar performance. The Wi-Fi World Congress Europe 2022 in Stockholm will deliver that, and much more – on September 26-28, join the world’s top Wi-Fi experts, includi...

15 September 2022