Ka-ching! That’s what monetizing the network would probably sound like (if it made sounds at all). Wish to learn more about adding guest services and making the most of your network business-wise? Be our guest – watch the fifth part of our Network Design University webin...

2 December 2019

When the eldest of the family, Koca Mustafa Bey first arrived to Istanbul in 1880s to start up his vessel repair shop, he probably didn’t expect what would eventually become of his business, let alone what modern technological challenges it would face. More than a hundre...

27 November 2019

What's up?
Kalos (beautiful) kagathos (virtuous), of which kalokagathia is the derived noun, was a phrase used by classical Greek writers to describe an ideal of gentlemanly personal conduct, chivalrous ideal of the complete human personality, harmonious in mind and body, foursquar...

22 November 2019

3, 2, 1... in a few moments we will see the market launch of ground-breaking 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technologies, and before we know it, CBRS will quickly gain in popularity too. If you look at each of them in detail, you may ask the question whether any of them will soon prevai...

21 November 2019

Extreme Heroes
“This is a man’s world”, James Brown sang in his all-time classic, attributing the works of modern civilization, such as cars, trains or electricity, to the efforts of men. Fortunately, a lot has changed since the 60s, when the record originally hit the airwaves, as more...

12 November 2019

Was your head in the clouds again? That’s alright, because for this class of Network Design University we will be talking about cloud services, virtualization and data centers. Pay close attention now!

12 November 2019

They say that third time’s a charm. Smart people don’t usually give in to superstitions, sure. But what about… intelligent networks? That’s right. For our third class of Network Design University we shall have a closer look at both network intelligence and intrinsic secu...

8 November 2019

The world as we know it, the reality around us, nearly all of it can be described as information which is stored and processed in data centers. Email messages, photos from the holiday trip which we’ve just put on our Instagram, even the flight home itself, as Boeing 787 ...

5 November 2019

What's up?
When it comes to running a business, keeping your head in the clouds can rarely be considered a good thing… unless it’s the industry’s first cloud-driven, end-to-end enterprise networking solution! Learn more about the new ExtremeCloud™ IQ network management system durin...

4 November 2019

Greeting, sophomores! Ready for the next class at the Network Design University? Today we shall broaden our minds a little bit and talk about expanding the size and capabilities of our network. Wish to move at the speed of business? Follow up on our new webinar!

21 October 2019