Meet our HEROES
How to deploy Wi-Fi for a warehouse area 23 times bigger than a Wembley stadium? What to say when the Kremlin wants you to design their network? And most importantly: how to network with style? Our next Extreme Hero will tell you all that and much more. Meet Alexey Elin ...

2 July 2021

Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital has been one of Extreme’s most loyal Dutch customers for 20 years. After a merger, all existing infrastructure of two hospitals with three branches was merged into one future-proof redundant secure network within five years. All the more rea...

30 June 2021

In recent years, Wi-Fi 6 has been gaining significant interest as it is proclaimed to be the future of wireless technology. If you’re considering upgrading your network but still wondering: “what's the fuss all about?”, let’s not waste any minute and get yourself some an...

28 June 2021

Our series of 25th anniversary interviews with the Extreme leaders is taking us to Moscow, where we’re talking about managing a team of strong personalities, favorite Extreme moments and… learning how to pilot a Boeing 747 with Kirill Zhukov, Technical Director for the N...

25 June 2021

With the introduction of Wi-Fi technology a little more than 20 years ago, our lives have changed considerably. Today, users have the newest standard, Wi-Fi 6, which is a huge step forward in many areas. Discover all its benefits in our free e-book!

21 June 2021

Meet our HEROES
Have you ever felt like you've known someone your entire life, though you haven’t? Sometimes young age and rich experience do not contradict each other. That’s certainly not the case with Ronald van der Werf – our Extreme Hero from Conscia Nederland!

18 June 2021

There’s no doubt that advanced data centers are playing a critical role in today’s hybrid cloud and data-driven era. To illustrate that fact, CRN magazine prepared a list of the 50 Coolest Software-Defined Data Center Vendors Of 2021. And yes, Extreme Networks is the top...

15 June 2021

Meet our HEROES
What’s the difference between a bike engineer and a network engineer? In this case – there is none. Today we’re talking about changing things, busting ghosts and living on the road with one extraordinary Extreme Hero. Make some noise for Polina Larina from IPS-ID!

11 June 2021

Did you know that the average smartphone user utilizes only a small percentage of the total features accessible to them? What about networks? Are you sure you’re leveraging your Fabric Connect solution to its full potential? Check our hand-picked list of some cool featur...

10 June 2021

What is fabric networking? How does it differ from a ‘regular’ networking? How is it used? And most importantly: why does your organization need to implement it as soon as possible? Learn all about it in our free, know-how packed e-book!

9 June 2021